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Theme: TBD

More information to be released.

Football Team Tryouts

This afternoon


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Will you be brining Chase back?


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The Sons of Ipswitch go about their lives after the events dealing with Chace Collins. The students at Spencer Academy are finishing up their year at school with exams and essays to complete and many parties still yet to attend. Unfortunately what they don’t know is that trouble is just waiting to disrupt their daily lives.

(This is a Covenant RP)

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OPEN Mason Jacobs

Mason Jacobs || FC: Jesse Willams (Human) || OPEN

OPEN Lacey Richards

Lacey Richards || FC: Megan Fox (FC Negotiable) OPEN

  • Lacey Richards, attending Spencer academy because her parents can afford it. It’s the best school in Boston money can buy. She’s not particularly book smart she has a habit of skipping class here and there but she’s not dumb either. 
  • Lace is more street smart and whatever it is she wants she goes after no matter the cost. After all she’s the typical bored and ignored wealthy child.
  • Lacey is Reid’s current hook up buddy. She know’s she’s hot and she uses it to her advantage to get what she wants.

OPEN Belle Montgomery

Isabelle “Belle” Montgomery || FC: Kat Graham (Witch) OPEN

(Possible Ships: Mason)

OPEN Kira Snider

Kira Snider || FC: Evan Rachel Wood (Human) || OPEN

OPEN Michael Morrison

Michael Morrison || FC: Scott Porter || Human || OPEN